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About Us
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WHO are we?  The Consortium is composed of concerned individuals from all walks of corporate, industrial,education, retail, medical, and professional life in the Mohawk Valley (and beyond) who share the common goal of improving safety.

WHAT are we?  A forum, an open-ended symposium, a classroom, and a “living library” of safety information and experience composed of our members and of other resources and tools.

WHERE does this happen?  Members take turns hosting our meetings at their own facilities.

WHEN do we meet?  The general membership usually meets bimonthly, with additional meetings as needed.  Check the homepage for the announcement of our next meeting.

WHY do we do this?  Our goal is to make “Safety First!” more than just a slogan; we strive to make it a pervasive and dynamic part of every business’ culture.  Robust safety practices and procedures protect your workers, your equipment and infrastructure, and your bottom line.

How did it all begin?

A business in upstate New York was having a problem – it could turn into a big problem – they had a spill, but nothing to clean it up with.  What do they do?!  They gave their dependable salesman a call.  He couldn’t help them – but he had an idea – there is a local business that has what they need.  Maybe they would be willing to loan the necessary material.  The call is made and the problem is solved.

Another business notices a neighboring business’s exhaust doesn’t look right.  They do not know what to do – so they call the New York State DEC.  The other business gets in trouble and wonders why the call wasn’t made to them – they could have fixed the problem.  This same salesman hears about this and thinks, “You can’t call your neighbor if you do not know your neighbors.”

What is stopping these businesses from talking to one another?  They could share information and help each other out.  He starts talking up the prospect of an organization of like minded safety professionals.  He finds some interest from two Safety Men in Rome. He enlists another one from the Utica area.  They talk, they meet, and they plan.

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